The best kind of festival is where you do what you want, right? Right.

Imagine sitting on the grass and gnawing on a giant hunk of meat from some of Brisbane’s Best BBQ Foodies whilst sipping on some of Australia (and the World)’s most delicious craft brews.

And ’cause we love everything BBQ and Beer (and so do you), we will have some of the Masters of the ‘Que and the Brew showing us what they do, giving us an in-depth education and insider training. See who will be gracing the BBQ stage in the Festival Program.

Want that next level experience? Be a VIP and have someone bring it all to you and your mates whilst you lap up the luxury from some of the best seats in the house.

Cruise the BBQ Arena where some of Australia’s BEST BBQ Crews will be battling it out right in front of your eyes. They’ll tease you with their smoke and sauce creations, melting their meats to their final flavour destination whilst competing for a prize pool of over $15,000.

Whichever way you want to plan your Roadshow, there will be a kick arse Live Music lineup to tickle your ear drums and play soundtrack to a truly awesome Summer Saturday.

We bring to you the BBQ & Beer Roadshow. You’re welcome.